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DME, Tripura Portal( designed, developed and maintained by National Informatics Centre, Agartala and the content provided by Directorate of Medical Education, Tripura (here in after noted as DME), Government of Tripura. By accessing this website, you unconditionally accept to be legally bound by the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the mentioned terms and conditions, please do not access the website.

DME Portal provides the facility for online application and payment of fees for various Examination / Selection method to be conducted by DME through the Internet. The service delivery is subject to the acts and rules promoted by the Government from time to time. Please note that no personal indication / information will be sent from DME/Government in case of any changes / modification of the related rules and regulations mentioned above. This is entirely the responsibility of the user to check from time to time to get updated regarding any of such changes / modifications. Electronic delivery of Government services are in accordance and compliance to the IT Act, 2000 and The Tripura Information Technology (Electronic Service Delivery) Rules, 2015. The special terms and conditions of service applicable for Internet delivery are detailed in these documents.

The following terms and conditions will apply if you wish to use the Internet for availing any service. Kindly go through the conditions carefully. The intended candidate can register, fill the online application form and make payment of fees on the website.

The profile details will be saved in the portal. While registering and applying for any examination/Test/ selection process, you have to give the true and accurate information on the portal for appearing in any examination/Test/ selection process. This in entirety the responsibility of the user to fill in any information with cent percent accuracy. The DME or TRB portal or the Government or the Banks / Payment Gateway could never be held responsible for any wrong information provided by the user. The law is free to act as per the rules and regulations for prosecution if in case of hiding of any relevant information by the user or furnishing any faulty / wrong / misleading / incomplete information by the user willingly / unwillingly. Please note that once you are registered on the DME Portal, it would be considered that you have deemed to agree to the terms and conditions displayed the website.

If a user violates any of the terms and conditions of use, DME/DME Portal reserves the right to deactivate all such user registration and cancel the candidature of a candidate. Candidates must go through prospectus/ instruction/ information brochure etc. related to a particular examination/ test/ selection method as published from time to time. If it comes to the notice of DME that any applicant has provided wrong information, the Directorate will cancel his/her candidature. The Directorate will take the matter to the concerned recruiting department to take appropriate action if the matter comes to the knowledge of the Directorate after selection. DME’s performance of this agreement is subject to existing laws and legal processes of Government of Tripura and Government of India and nothing contained in this agreement is in derogation of Government's right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of this Portal or information provided to or gathered by DME Portal with respect to such use.

This agreement is made between: DME Tripura Portal ("Us") and The User ("You"), the individual, whose details are set out in the DME Tripura Portal User Creation/Registration page/application page.